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Natural Resources & Environmental Control

The apparent dominion of human beings over the Environment is but a license from nature with the fee yet to be paid.

In 1970, Attorney Victor Yannacone told the 1970 Congress of the National Parks & Recreation Association that human beings have been warned while being given the unique opportunity to choose whether the human species will drown in its own sewage, die buried under its garbage, choke to death on air it cannot breathe, or be driven the homicide or suicide by the noise around it.

When we look to the Law for answers to many of our social and environmental problems, we find that the Law itself is the cause of many of those problems.

It is “the Law” which zones the housing patterns which lead to building too many highways for too many autos.

It is “the Law” which tolerates and even permits environmental degradation.

It is “the Law” which guarantees equal protection for the Corporation — a fictional bastard child of the Law endowed by the United States Supreme Court with all the God-given rights of a human being but without any soul to save or butt to kick; while “the Law” effectively denies equal protection to the poor, women, the inarticulate, and the politically weak.

Always it is “the Law!”

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