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Back Against the Wall?

Then it’s Time to Call…

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Victor John Yannacone, Jr: advocate, trial lawyer, litigation manager; and counselor to entrepreneurs and executives.

Did something unexpected and newsworthy just happen? A disaster? A cybersecurity breach? An ecocatastrophe?

Did agents from the SEC, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA or some lesser known government agency come by to “talk” to you?


Is your company threatened by social media attacks? negative blogs? derogatory tweets? “leaked” communications?

Are you being attacked by a public official looking for media attention?


Is your brand name in danger from TV lawyers trolling for contingent fee cases?

Has something unexpected put your institution at risk?


Is the media feeding on your stock price?

Has a trusted employee done something profoundly stupid and eminently newsworthy?

Unexpected bad things happen to good people and honorable companies.

Are you ready to respond properly? To the media? To government agencies? To Congress? To the victims? To your employees? To your friends? In court? In the marketplace?

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