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Crisis Management

Unexpected bad things happen to good people and fine companies. Are you ready to respond?

Did something unexpected and newsworthy just happen to you or your firm?

  • Is your company being threatened?
  • Did agents from the SEC, FBI, CIA or some lesser known government agency come by to “talk” to you?
  • Is the media feeding on your stock price?
  • Are you or your company being attacked by a public official?
  • Is your brand name in danger?
  • Has something unexpected put your institution at risk?
  • Has a trusted employee let you down?
  • Have you just discovered the computers you bought and just deployed  contain embedded spyware?

The mistakes you do not make in the first minutes after you find out there is a crisis, catastrophe, or pending disaster will determine whether you and your company survive without serious, permanent and irreparable damage to assets and reputation.

Victor John Yannacone, jr. should be the first person you call for guidance. Any hour of the day or night, he will tell you who to call next and what you should be doing while the crisis evolves. Yannacone can help you function in disaster and finish in style!