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Curbstone counsel and advice

The curbstone comments, advice, and opinion Yannacone offers on this website are posted to provide alerts and early warning to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, General Counsel and other executives about events and changes in the world of law, science, and technology which may represent immediate or long term threats, dangers, and opportunities.

curbstone Advice

A casual, though informed, comment by an attorney on a point of law is commonly called a “curbstone opinion.” Outside of a formal attorney-client relationship, Curbstone counsel and advice can only be considered purely gratuitous. However, you can expect that even casual advice and counsel by Victor Yannacone will be honest and intended to provide general, not case specific, information about a matter of legal interest or public concern.

While curbstone advice, though general and non-specific is provided outside the attorney-client relationship and therefore not “privileged,” when it comes from Victor Yannacone it is still valuable and worth considering.