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Professional Services

Victor Yannacone provides professional services in many ways to meet the needs of individuals, business, not-for-profit organizations, and all levels of government

The counsel and advice Yannacone provides alerts and early warning to clients about events and changes in the world of law, science, and technology which may represent immediate or long term threats, dangers, and opportunities.

As an advocate, Yannacone vigorously represents his clients in the Courtroom and before administrative agency tribunals.

Yannacone provides immediate help for clients facing a crisis, particularly when their public image and reputation are threatened.

In the rapidly emerging areas of e-Discovery, data mining, data analytics, predictive coding, and technologically assisted review (TAR), Yannacone and his highly skilled colleagues in computer science, mathematics, and information science technology can quickly assemble ad hoc teams to assist in house counsel and legal departments.


Crisis management