e-Discovery; Data Mining & Analytics; Predictive Coding; TAR

With Courts no longer reluctant to impose substantial financial sanctions upon lawyers, law firms and their clients for violations of many of the new practice requirements of “e–law” where the lowercase “e” stands for all things electronic down to the level of bits and bytes, the need for special legal service providers to assist General Counsel of small and medium-sized businesses and the in-house Law Departments of large business enterprises in the areas of e-Law is obvious.
Victor John Yannacone, jr. Is a principal in just such a unique firm providing e-Law services on an “of counsel” basis.


The firm provides full service E-discovery support to companies and their law firms engaged in document intensive litigation including comprehensive Technology Assisted Review (TAR) of all ESI (electronically stored information); and can provide cost-effective management of discovery and its associated motion practice supervised by a highly skilled, well respected, senior attorney, trial lawyer and litigator who can be integrated seamlessly as “Discovery Counsel” within your in-house legal department.
The firm can provide Predictive Coding based on unique, proprietary Conceptual Models for Litigation utilizing advanced seeding and model training based on evolving E-discovery case law and court rules together with De-NISTing and Cross-trained mathematical models for search, and validation metrics pursuant to the “reasonable inquiry” requirement of Rule 26(g) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Additional case specific support

Among the general services included in the scope of work agreement for an ESI (electronically stored information) case requiring specialized e-Law services are:

  • Drafting litigation hold notices
  • Scoping and documenting data preservation activities
  • Coordinating and overseeing data forensics
  • Arranging and attending pretrial conferences and negotiations
  • Drafting document requests and objections
  • Organizing and monitoring team training, supervision and quality control assessments
  • Quantifying discovery burdens and when required advocacy for a “proportional” response under the “new” discovery rules
  • Managing contracts and engagement of third-party vendors and consulting experts
  • Strategic support for jury selection with behavioral analytics utilizing public and social network text mining and notional data extraction for summary persona and factor analyses; advanced clustering, classification and proprietary “Juror Scoring” using behavioral data including credit history, consumer and political propensity, motor vehicle, prior history and other public records data
  • Identifying relevant admissible evidence of scienter and other critical elements of a case by means of enhanced entity/event link analysis using semantic, lexical-statistical and probabilistic (HMM) approaches; deep-learning neural networks, shortest path and two-tree priority-first search, advanced complex network mechanics, and contextual document identification that includes relational, geospatial, temporal, statistical, time-series and stochastic analyses
  • Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) database review services and tools development to mitigate spoliation and malware infection risk while retaining substantial advantages in review efficiency, searching, privilege review and e-discovery process documentation
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics for in house Legal Services, including
    generic text mining and sentiment analyses to create human resource predictive models to facilitate fraud detection and evaluate risk exposure from piracy, confidentiality, data security breech and whistleblowing
  • Development of Operational Risk Models for property and casualty insurance analysis and evaluation, particularly in the areas of cybersecurity and data breach insurance
  • Director and management Liability Analysis
  • Litigation Propensity Modeling
  • Support for marketing, new product launches, business expansion, real estate and equity deals