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The expanding cybercrime economy is empowering cybercriminals, cyberterrorists, and even nation-states in ways that put companies, critical infrastructure and governments at increased risk.
The shared, on-demand nature of cloud computing introduces the possibility of new security breaches that can erase any productivity gains which might result from application of cloud technology. The inherent nature of Cloud services enables users to bypass organization-wide security policies and set up their own accounts in the service of shadow IT projects.

Whether based in Russia, China, Africa, the United States or anywhere else on the globe, organized syndicates are leveraging the anonymity provided by the web to garner wealth from the sale of malware kits capable of penetrating the most well-protected databases and computer networks. Sophisticated criminals armed with innovative technologies are an immediate and major threat to American business an the American Free Enterprise System.

When a data breach occurs, companies may face civil lawsuits or criminal charges. Breach investigations and notifications incur significant costs. Indirect effects, such as brand damage and loss of business, can impact organizations for years.