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Non-invasive screening for early detection of breast cancer

After mathematically processing the infrared data from the high resolution dynamic digital image series acquired over three minutes from the patient, a statistically significant area of anomolous infrared radiation was identified and superimposed on the final infrared image. The data would then be further processed by the differential method to confirm the nature of the anomalous physiologic process and its precise location.





System and method for identifying and classifying dynamic thermodynamic processes in mammals and discriminating between and among such processes: The Method of Integrals

United States Patent US 7,408,156 USPTO Abstract:
An infrared imaging camera (4) acquires a plurality of frames (94) of infrared radiation from a patient (P) positioned in a field-of-view (92) of the camera (4). Each frame (94) is acquired during a corresponding frame sample interval and each frame (94) corresponds to the infrared radiation acquired from an array of optical elements (90) in the field-of-view (92) during its frame sample interval. Plural integrals are determined from infrared radiation received from the array of optical elements (90), with each integral corresponding to the infrared radiation received from the same optical element (90) in at least two frames (94). Each integral is mapped to a color or a shade of gray and the color or shade of gray of each integral is mapped to a position in an image corresponding to the position of the corresponding optical element (90) in the field-of-view (92). The camera (4) can be used for early detection of neoplastic disease process, detection of angiogenesis and/or identification of treatment sites for pain management therapeutic modalities.

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