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Inventions & Patents

Yannacone has contributed to inventions and been awarded patents in dynamic infrared medical imaging, communications, data mining and analytics. All of the Yannacone patents are available for licensing and development. He has also counseled inventors in developing their patent claims and served as trial counsel in patent litigation.

The Infrared Imaging Breast Cancer Detection System

A revolutionary new method for early detection of neoplastic processes in the human breast— breast cancer—combines high-resolution functional infrared imaging with analytical software and facilitates meta-analysis of the extensive database facilitates identification of the “signatures” associated with physiological abnormalities in the breast.

Non-invasive rapid screening for early detection of breast cancer

View the full text of the United States Patent, “System and method for identifying and classifying dynamic thermodynamic processes in mammals and discriminating between and among such processes: The Method of Integrals7,408,156, with images…

Non-invasive rapid localization of breast cancer

View the full text of the United States Patent, “Method and apparatus for high resolution dynamic digital infrared imaging: The Differential Method“, 8,233,968

Relational database management systems

In 1979, during the Agent Orangelitigation, Victor Yannacone designed and helped build three relational databases—CHAOS, HOSPIT and DOOM— for real time access to medical records and temperogeospatial exposure information about the sick, dying and dead Vietnam combat veteran Plaintiffs.

Data Mining and Analytics

System and method for dynamic data mining and distribution of dynamically collected Data

A system for dynamic data collection, mining and distribution of data from many sources without regard for the form, type, and class of the data. The application described is directed to safety of ships at sea and teaches how the system establishes geofences and maintains a dynamic zone of concern surrounding the vessel or vehicle of interest and permits a high order of accuracy in geolocation by dead reckoning when satellite connections are not available. This patent is fundamental to many commercial Data Mining efforts.

View the full text of the United States Patent, “System and Method for Dynamic Data Mining, 8332087 with images…

View the full text of the United States Patent, “Collection and Distribution of Maritime Data”, 7,286,914 with images…